Hormone Test

We recommend that any person experiencing health issues related to stress, hormonal imbalances or long-term use of hormonal contraceptives make an appointment with us. Additionally, conditions such as:

  1. Infertility

  2. Menopause

  3. PMT

  4. erectile dysfunction

  5. fatigue

  6. poly cystic ovarian syndrome

  7. breast lumps

  8. endometriosis

  9. fibroids

  10. recurrent miscarriage

  11. pre-mature hair loss

  12. skin disorders

  13. fatigue

  14. anxiety and

  15. depression

will also benefit from hormone testing

By analysing the bio-available hormone levels present in your saliva, Dr. Mariem is able to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed assessment of your body’s hormonal environment and composition. From this they will be able to ascertain whether any symptoms you are experiencing are associated with a hormonal imbalance or lack of specific active hormones. This will address the cause of the problem by rectifying any imbalance discovered throughout the test.